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Motherhood is…

Motherhood is…
Catching my husband’s cold and putting my faith in my breastmilk. That it will protect my baby from this mucous mess. It is washing my hands feverishly every five minutes to slay the wicked germs crawling all over my skin. It is realizing, with a little squeaky cough and a sniffle, my baby’s got it, too. My heart aches with the unfairness of it all. He must be thinking, ” So this is life, huh?”

Motherhood is…
Rocking my crying fifteen pound bundle as he kicks and wiggles in his discomfort. I rock, stand and bounce, although I haven’t even the energy to pick up a toothbrush. I lie down, still jiggling my sick munchkin. He falls asleep tucked in the crook of my elbow, his head on my arm. I stifle my coughs and my sneezes. He burrows deeper into the cave-like cradle of my arms. My limbs begin to fall asleep. I realize I have to pee. But it can all wait. The world is on hold. My discomfort disrobed, for the love of my babe.


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Shock and Awe…An attempt at fewer yawns…

Friday night…  baby crying in the periphery…  let’s hope this gets better…

On the weekend before Henry’s four-month birthday, we decided it was time to sleep train.  After reading a few books and getting some sage advice from friends, we decided to give it a go.

I checked out the following books from the library:

I am reluctant to say this, but I really enjoyed sleeping with my baby for the last few days.  Last night, as we cuddled in bed, husband on the futon in the other room, I whispered,”I love you and I’ll miss having your snuggles by my side.”  The first of many times in his life that I will have to…let go…

So, here’s how it went:

7:00 We gave him two bottles!  Totaling about 7 ounces (way more than he’s ever eaten before).  We swaddled just his arms.  I placed him in bed and he fell asleep immediately.

10:00 Awake.  We waited five minutes, listening to him cry…

10:05 Spencer went into his room and said,”Shhh… Night, night…”  He waited thirty seconds.


10:40 Awake and crying.

10:45 I went into his room and adjusted his swaddle.

10:50 Still crying, but slowing down…

So far, so good, I’d say.  But really, it just feels awful.  I had never let him cry for more than a few minutes without running to soothe him.  I wonder if he feels abandoned, scared, terrified as he chokes on his tears.  My poor baby!  This just can’t be the best way.

I’ve received several recommendations for this book, saying it has worked wonders for their children.  I’ll check it out tomorrow, if Henry and I survive.  He may just wake up beside me in bed, suckling gently in his sleep.

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Day One

As I sit at the keyboard, with a baby on my lap, I am quickly realizing that this blog will take much more time to get started than I’d thought. Typing with one hand while the other one cuddles Henry is challenging. While my right hand is occupied, I notice a thin strand of drool drip from his plump little lip. I flinch to wipe the spit from his chin…

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