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What is it I’m forgetting? Oh, yeah…Sleep…

So, sleep training was a FAIL.  We plan to try again this Friday.

The night has been going like this:

7:00 pm Put Henry to bed

10:30 pm Henry wakes up and sleeps beside me in my bed…

The rest of the night is restless.  Henry wiggles his little body while I rest my drowzy head on my arm, my neck aching from the strain.  Every few hours I feed him when he starts to cry.  I know I must sleep at some point because I am startled awake several times during the night with the fear that I’ve steamrolled him.

7:00 am We wake up.  I see my smiling happy, “morning-person” baby.  Somehow, this little grin, gives me the energy to get through the day.

Tomorrow night, I swear, will be the last night of this sleepless insanity.


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