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The Baby Cage

Last week, I gave in and bought Henry a baby cage…

It is actually a little fenced hexagon, but I can’t help but think of it as a little cage for my baby.  We put squishy tiles on the floor, decked it out with a baby gym, and placed it near the sliding glass doors.  Comfy, fun, and sunny.

I decided to buy the baby cage because every time I sit on the floor with Henry, Dana the dog wants to play with us.  She nuzzles her wet doggy nose in my face and paws me with her too-long nails.  I don’t think she’d ever hurt Henry on purpose, but she weighs 45 pounds to Henry’s 15 pounds.  Not a fair fight.

I like that Henry has a place to play on the floor.  He wiggles and coos at the ceiling.  Plus, he’s recently gotten very good at rolling over from his back to his belly… and then screaming in frustration because he can’t flip back over.

I just wonder, how long will Henry tolerate his baby cage?  And when he needs more room to roam, what do we do about the dog?


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Fur Babies

Before Henry was born, my two cats and dog were my babies.  My animals and I would snuggle under the covers.  I’d take Dana dog to the dog park every day.  I’d roll around with them on the floor.  I even took pride in grooming them.  Mostly, I was more forgiving of their…um, shortcomings.

For years, we’ve had to feed them all in separate rooms…four times a day.  Cleo, the cat, eats her meals in my bedroom.  Yesterday morning, I awoke to the sound of Cleo puking on the bedroom floor.  I was startled, however, by the awful smell.  Surely, Cleo’s vomit couldn’t smell to awful?  I noticed the laundry basket was on its side.  I thought, “No, way.  My little princess couldn’t have…”  A sniff confirmed the truth.  Cleo had left a sock incrusted pile of poop in my laundry basket.  Hiss!

Here’s Cleo playing in a shopping bag (not said laundry basket.)

So, I cleaned up the poop and the barf, started the washing machine, got ready to jump back into bed.  But guess what?  Ote, cat number two, had done a number two on my pillow…

I change umpteen diapers a day, pick up Dana dog poop, scoop the litter box…but this is just more crap than a mama can handle!

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