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After a hiatus…

It has been far too long. In fact, I’d completely abandoned this blog… until I needed to hear other mothers’ stories about managing a challenging twin pregnancy. Reading stories of successful outcomes has been so soothing for my worried heart. I’m hoping that recording the events of my pregnancy will help me reflect on this time in the future. Also, I’d love to provide hope for others in my position.

My husband, Spencer, and I found out we were expecting our third child at the beginning of December. According to LMP, my due date would be August 5th. At my 12 week ultrasound, we found out that #3 was actually #3 and #4. I’d thought we were having twins! During the ultrasound, the specialist discussed the type of twin with which we were blessed  (monochorionic/diamniotic) and one some of the possible complications, including TTTS. At 14 weeks, we found out we were having girls! Also, fluid discordance became an issue. We were monitored weekly until at 16 weeks, TTTS was confirmed. After a fetal echocardiogram at UCSF, we flew to Denver, from the Bay Area, for surgery.

Perhaps I’ll post more about our experience in Colorado in the future. In summary, we had a comforting, amazing experience at Children’s Hospital in Colorado. The team layered 39 connections in the placenta. After one week, the girls looked stable and their conditions had improved. By two weeks post surgery, the heart trouble in my recipient had diminished.

From then to now (22 weeks 2 days) we’ve been sailing relatively smoothly. There was a little scare with MCA dopplers looking off and there is some separation between the amnion and chorion, but it seems be showing some improvement. I expect I will back-track to share more detail on the recent past, but for now, I need a platform for sharing the present. And right now, we are all okay and that’s what I need to savor.


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Fur Babies

Before Henry was born, my two cats and dog were my babies.  My animals and I would snuggle under the covers.  I’d take Dana dog to the dog park every day.  I’d roll around with them on the floor.  I even took pride in grooming them.  Mostly, I was more forgiving of their…um, shortcomings.

For years, we’ve had to feed them all in separate rooms…four times a day.  Cleo, the cat, eats her meals in my bedroom.  Yesterday morning, I awoke to the sound of Cleo puking on the bedroom floor.  I was startled, however, by the awful smell.  Surely, Cleo’s vomit couldn’t smell to awful?  I noticed the laundry basket was on its side.  I thought, “No, way.  My little princess couldn’t have…”  A sniff confirmed the truth.  Cleo had left a sock incrusted pile of poop in my laundry basket.  Hiss!

Here’s Cleo playing in a shopping bag (not said laundry basket.)

So, I cleaned up the poop and the barf, started the washing machine, got ready to jump back into bed.  But guess what?  Ote, cat number two, had done a number two on my pillow…

I change umpteen diapers a day, pick up Dana dog poop, scoop the litter box…but this is just more crap than a mama can handle!

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