Mommy Group Mean Girls

This morning, Henry napped while I made turkey chili (yummy).  I was so proud of myself for being productive, set the slow cooker to low, and anticipated coming home from afternoon activities to a house smelling like… apparently nothing, because the crockpot wasn’t turned on. But I digress…

We started our afternoon fun with a trip to Cuddle Club at the Walnut Creek Library.  Mommies sang songs and we read a Rosemary Wells story to our babies.  I saw my friend, Meg, who is cheerful and always decked out in pearl earrings, despite wearing cozy jeans and a winter vest.  We shared anecdotes about our babes and sleep secrets (Henry is waking up every thirty minutes…ugh!  Explains my slow cooker malfunction and extreme pride in getting ANYTHING done today). Overall, a nice gathering with some mommies.

Our next stop was Day One Center, on Main St. for a Musical Play class.  When I arrived at Day One, mommies were busy chatting with one another.  They seemed friendly…

All of the mommies sat around in a circle on the floor, some with babies on the floor, some cuddling, some nursing.  And they all continued their chat with each other, seemingly unaware that a new couple, Henry and I, had joined the group.  Maybe they were busy, maybe they were as exhausted and delirious as I was, maybe they were just…mean girls, disguised as mothers!

Since nobody noticed me, I was free to unabashedly eavesdrop on their conversations.  Ashton’s mom was dressed in a DRESS and Tiffany earrings said over and over again, “I’ve GOT to BUY that!” Emma’s mom, in her skinny jeans, full make-up, and impeccable blow-out, raved about her daughter’s new jeans and sweater… to which Asher’s mom proffered her usual retort.  At least half of the mothers let their babies flail on the floor as they engaged in adult conversation with WAY too much enthusiasm, talking with their hands, showing off their gigantic, gaudy wedding rings.  Finally, the teacher arrived…yes, Henry and I sat, enjoying each others’ company
for fifteen minutes (despite my attempts to enter conversation…the tried and true, “Your baby is so cute! How old is he/she?” failed to produce any interaction).

When the teacher sang songs with the group, the mommies did participate, but many of them seemed reluctant.  When we did the “freeze dance,” mommies danced awkwardly and didn’t let loose like my giggle machine and me.  They seemed irked that they had to engage in this juvenile activity.  “Why are you here?” I wanted to scream!  When only three of the fifteen mommies played airplane with their babies on the floor, I noticed the mommies who weren’t participating, roll their eyes at each other!

After forty-five minutes of play, we sang the goodbye song.  I changed Henry’s diaper and left.  Now, I can’t help but wonder if I should go back next week.  Maybe the mothers were just so excited to see the familiar faces of the veterans, that I was forgotten.  It may be that next time we go to class, we will be welcomed, exchange banter about our children’s poopy diapers, our husbands, our dogs…  It seems like this is the way things go with women’s groups.  The newbies are hazed, by a seemingly unintentional slight.  Maybe these women are just mean girls…but no matter what, if I continue to see them that way, this group will not be fun for me or Henry.  I suppose I just have to go back next week to either confirm my suspicions or get to know some new friends…


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