Book Reviews for The Bleary-Eyed

A common mom-to-mom joke is, “Oh, you can do that with all of your free time!”  Snark!  Snark! 

While on maternity leave, I actually did have some leisure time, mostly when my little angel was asleep.  And he did sleep often.  Henry went through a period of taking many catnaps throughout the day, but lately he’s been tireless (more like sooooo tired, he can’t settle down).  Somehow, whether the snooze is miniscule or mammoth, I still find time to sit down and read.  On my Kindle, I’ve read dozens –yes, I said dozens- of books in the last four months.  Some of the books have been wonderful, bringing my hormone fueled body to tears.  I plan to share a few of those winners here.



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  1. Green Thumb Mum

    I nearly sent myself silly reading up on how to settle your baby, sleep disorders etc, My daughter only ever slept for forty minutes at a time during the day. Only now, at ten months has she started to sleep for two – three hours.
    I often wonder what I could have done with some spare time if she slept for three to four hours per nap. When she did on the rare occaisions I found myself walking around in circles wondering what to do, oh besides having a shower, change my clothes or boring housework.
    PS, I like your excerpt on Mean Mommies. I didn’t continue with my Mother’s group because I found I had nothing in common with them too. Anyway, I was to busy with my daughter constantly being awake and being exhausted!

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