Music for Pretentious Parents

Cover of "Nilsson Schmilsson"

Cover of Nilsson Schmilsson

I have always wondered what my life would have been like if I’d grown up listening to The Beatles, Neil Young, or Harry Nilsson.  A realm of possibilities swarm my head…  Instead, my musical upbringing consisted of Phil Collins, Debbie Gibson, and Whitney Houston, sprinkled with the likes of Wham!  Although, on occasion I indulge in the music of my childhood, blasting “Wake Me Up Before you Go-Go” and dancing around the house.  Still, the music I grew up listening to does not qualify as enriching nor interesting.  Even later in life, I cringe to think of the music that once filled my CD case.  I am loath to admit that in my twenties, I went to an ‘N sync concert…  I want to be sure that I influence Henry in a way that we can both tolerate.

My taste in music has matured over the years, thanks to my amazing husband, Spencer.  His music collection spans the globe and a dozen genres.  Now that I have more discerning tastes, I want to be sure my little boy absorbs quality music instead of the garbage music that infiltrated my ears.  Last night, while listening to Elliott Smith, I expressed to Spencer my desire to come up with a list of baby appropriate music, designed to season his future taste in music.  Later, we saw this on IFC’s “Portlandia.”

Shooting Star Preschool

I am finding, however, that much of the music on my iPod is not child friendly, either rife with inappropriate language and content, or downright morose.   It is now my noble quest to find music to help mold Henry’s little mind and ears… and inspire!


One of our favorite albums to listen to is Putumayo Kids Present: Dreamland.  The thirteen tracks on this album are each from a different country.  The songs are soothing, weaving fantasies of far away places.

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